Breaking News: Cannabix Technologies Begins Certification of Contactless Alcohol Breathalyzer, Re-Brands product series to Breath Logix

Cannabix Technologies Inc. (OTC: BLOZF) (CSE: BLO) (Frankfurt: 8CT) (the “Company or Cannabix”) developer of marijuana and alcohol breath testing devices reports that it has shipped its Industrial Series Contactless Alcohol Breathalyzers (“CAB” devices) for certification testing and is rebranding the “CAB” name under the new “Breath Logix” product series. The Breath Logix product series is part of the Company’s portfolio of marijuana and alcohol screening devices.

The Breath Logix Industrial Series-Alcohol breath detection device is an autonomous wall mounted unit that is ruggedized and designed for the workplace (Figure 1). A breath sample can be delivered either by straw (Figure 2) or in contactless mode. These devices have been delivered to globally recognized certification laboratory, CE cert GmbH in Germany, for independent alcohol standards testing which is a step required before sales of the device can begin. The regulatory process for certification of alcohol breath detection devices is well established, and will aid in an analogous process for the Company’s marijuana (delta-9 THC) breathalyzer products.

Breath Logix Industrial Series-Alcohol

Figure 1. Breath Logix Industrial Series Alcohol Testing System

Breath Logix Industrial Series in use with straw. Contactless breath test mode also available

Figure 2. Breath Logix Industrial Series in use with straw. Contactless breath test mode also available.

Breath Logix Industrial Series Features

The Breath Logix Industrial Series is a weather resistant device with a host of requested features including patent pending pre-calibrated cartridge technology (See Figure 3) which will allow site safety administrators to easily maintain their devices, and eliminate the need for costly calibration equipment and time-consuming site visits from technicians for maintenance. This device can be used for pre-access alcohol testing, random testing, start-of-shift testing, pre-employment testing, return-to-work testing and post-incident testing. The device is currently being piloted as a solution for the 24/7 sobriety program which exists in several states.

The Breath Logix Alcohol device automatically checks the sobriety of a user and can take a picture to confirm and record identity while a breath sample is being delivered. Upon detection of positive breath alcohol result, the device will deliver a precise Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level on the screen, and send a real-time alert via text message, e-mail and to a dedicated web portal. Furthermore, the system logs user BAC for incident reporting and historical investigations. The Breath Logix helps organizations save money by deploying an autonomous alcohol screening device which eliminates the need for dedicated alcohol screening administrators using conventional handheld devices.

Breath Logix pre-calibrated alcohol sensor cartridge technology

Figure 3. Breath Logix pre-calibrated alcohol sensor cartridge technology

About Cannabix Technologies Inc.

Cannabix Technologies Inc. is a developer of marijuana and alcohol breathalyzer technologies for law enforcement, workplaces and laboratories. Cannabix is developing delta-9 THC and alcohol screening devices. Delta-9 THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana that causes impairment. Breath testing for delta-9 THC would allow employers and law enforcement to identify recent marijuana use. Cannabix is the developer of Breath Logix Series of autonomous breath alcohol detection devices for employers and a range of other settings.






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