“Behind the Buzz” Show: Sage Potash Corp. Corporate Overview (TSX-V: SAGE)

FinancialBuzz.com’s latest Behind the Buzz Show: Featuring Our Potash Corp. Corporate Overview

Sage Potash Corp. (TSX-V: SAGE) is a Canadian company that intends to become a prominent domestic potash producer within the Paradox Basin situated in Utah through sustainable solution mining techniques.

the company has embraced a modern method of potash mining that has significantly less impact on the environment than historical methods of mining the mineral.

The company’s flagship project, Sage Plain Potash Property, is located in the Paradox Basin, potentially containing roughly two billion tons of potash. Utah is a mining-friendly jurisdiction with a steady supply of talented workers.

The crunch has been especially hard on farmers in the United States¹, which is the world’s largest importer of fertilizer and the world’s largest exporter of agricultural products. Many farmers are caught in a Catch-22: secure fertilizer supply now at record-high prices or hope that prices drop in the spring and pray there is still fertilizer that can be delivered in time for the upcoming year’s crops. Growers may ultimately be forced to cut back on the use of fertilizer, which will further limit food production and push food costs even higher.

All types of fertilizers are increasing in price, but potash is rising the fastest.² In just the half year between the spring and fall of 2021, potash prices have gone up 54%. Since spring 2020, potash prices have skyrocketed by 87%.

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