Expion360 Announces Selection by Cube Series as Exclusive Supplier of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Written by Leland Li

February 10, 2023

Expion360, Inc. (NASDAQ: XPON) has been selected as exclusive supplier of lithium-ion batteries and power system components for a new ultra-lightweight foldable camper for light duty trucks manufactured by Cube Series. The Expion360 state of the art 120Ah e360 Li-ion batteries will provide energy dense storage for the Cube Series newly introduced camper. Each camper may be equipped with up to three Expion360 batteries. “We chose Expion360 because our new top-quality camper demands the most energy-dense, compact form factor and best power components available on the market today,” stated Cube Series president Rick Wise. “We anticipate their superior performance batteries and exceptional engineering support will make their batteries a popular upgrade option.”

“We welcome Cube Series to our growing family of exclusive OEM partners,” commented Expion360 CEO, Brian Schaffner. “We are pleased with the strong growth in our OEM partner program and see its continued success driven by our superior safety, quality and support.”

Expion360 lithium batteries have greater capacity and space savings compared to lead acid batteries and feature superior construction and reliability compare to other Li-ion batteries on the market. E360 batteries may have a lifespan of 12 years, three or four times that of leading acid batteries.





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