Calix Reported that Highline is leveraging Calix Revenue EDGE for Subscriber Growth

Grows Subscribers 56 Percent and Boosts CSAT Rating 12 Percent With Calix Revenue EDGE Managed Services

Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) announced on Wednesday that broadband service provider (BSP) leader Highline is leveraging Calix Revenue EDGE™ managed services to accelerate growth. According to the cloud and software services provider reported that in 2022 Highline increased subscribers by 56 percent, doubling the subscribers using Calix GigaSpire® BLAST systems. Over the next five years, Highline plans to continue growing across Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, and Texas.

Last year, Calix Highline launched ProtectIQ® home network security and ExperienceIQ® advanced network controls to all subscribers, furthering their mission to provide safe and exceptional Wi-Fi experiences.

“The Highline team works to create subscriber experiences that people rave about, and that goes way beyond just providing high-speed internet,” said Lynn Hall, chief marketing officer at Highline. “We want to give our subscribers a superior whole-home experience, so the award-winning network protection of ProtectIQ and the controls of ExperienceIQ were a no-brainer. Because we invested in the Revenue EDGE platform, we were able to quickly launch managed services last year. Now we are exploring new services to bring to our subscribers in 2023, like Bark social media monitoring and Arlo Secure connected home security solutions. We are excited to continue working closely with Calix to unveil exceptional subscriber experiences as we meet our growth goals over the next five years.”

Calix provides Calix Cloud platform, a role-based analytics platform comprising Calix Marketing Cloud, Calix Support Cloud, and Calix Operations Cloud, which are configurable to display role-based insights and enable BSPs to anticipate and target new revenue-generating services and applications through mobile application.




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