NVIDIA Introduces Generative AI to Businesses with Cloud Services for Large Language and Visual Models

NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) has introduced Generative AI to businesses with cloud services. “Generative AI is driving the fast adoption of AI and reinventing countless industries,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “NVIDIA AI Foundations let enterprises customize foundation models with their own data to generate humanity’s most valuable resources — intelligence and creativity.” Adobe is building models for next-generation creative workflows; Getty Images, Morningstar, Quantiphi, Shutterstock Using NVIDIA AI Foundations Cloud Services to Customize Models for AI-Powered Applications. The set of cloud services enable businesses to build, refine and operate custom large language models and generative AI models that are utilized via their own proprietary data and created for their own specific tasks.

“Large language models offer us the ability to collect insightful data from highly complex structured and unstructured content at a larger scale while prioritizing data quality and speed,” said Shariq Ahmad, head of Data Collection Technology at Morningstar. “Our quality framework includes a human-in-the-loop process that feeds into model retuning to ensure that we produce increasingly high-quality content. Morningstar is using NeMo in its Data Collection research and development on how LLMs can scan and summarize information from sources such as financial documents to quickly extract market intelligence.”

NVIDIA and Adobe have announced expansion of their research and development partnership to create the next generation of generative AI models.




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